Directory blasts and keyword domains.

Last week I read an article about some old school marketing techniques that are dead or no longer valid. While I agree with all of them, A few of them ring true to the client’s I currently have.

Directory blasts and keyword stuffed domains.

Alot of my current clients have been apart of a list blasting services and when they come over to our program and once get all set up webmaster tools the first thing I check is their links to the site. Flipping through pages and pages of random URLs that are fake pages or have a high spam score has become the norm. It is much more common than I ever knew. List blasting was the way of the 90s for digital marketing but it’s just not a tactic we can still use. Google really does look down on this. Disavowing those links really is the best way to go. Google created algorithm updates specifically to penalize the use of this. Valid directories and organic directories are totally fine. Guess blogging on industry pages are okay too but what users need to be leery of would be paid link articles, list blasting and trading links.

Keyword stuffed domains. I get questions about this every few days. Ideally domains that have a high authority includes an aged domain. That’s really the best thing your domain can have going for you. Keywords aren’t a tool to get better ranking anymore. Everyone has done it and now the search engines are smarter. Simple as that really.

These other tactics listed really are helpful to review and make sure your digital strategy doesn’t include them.


Party on. Ambushed.


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