Competitive Tracking : Part 2

About 6 months ago I published a blog on tracking your competition and I feel like it needs to be addressed again. I’ve got some of clients who are afraid of what their competition is doing but rather than being afraid, they should be thrilled. They should be picking up where their competitors left off and running with it. That’s where […]



You’ve probably overheard me say that I LOVE ALGORITHMS if you know me at all. Most of the time people look at me like I’m crazy or not smart enough to think that. Sometimes things don’t always mean what you think. I’ll never be a Data Scientist or an Engineer but what I love about […]

Your search is original.

Did you know that 16-20% of search queries on Google are being searched for the first time? Yeah, I didn’t either but that number seems lower than I expected. More often that not people are searching original queries. Can you believe that? Well, now all the nonsense that Google puts marketers through with the algorithm […]

My First Business Trip

So I’m 28 years old now and last week was my first business trip. Getting prepared for it was interesting to say the least. We traveled to New Orleans for a client convention for about a week. I’ve been to New Orleans a few times but I knew that it would be so different from […]

Snapchat: #nofilter

This past month I’ve had a ton of conversations around Snapchat; what it is, why 20’s something love it, why it’s great for certain brands and it really got me thinking about the platform overall. I walked my 29 year old friend through how to use Snapchat yesterday over brunch. She saw the changes to […]

Knowledge: banked or shared?

I know, I know. All I ever talk is my love and hunger for knowledge. Well tough, it’s what I think about almost constantly. Knowledge is power blah blah blah. But really, something hit me a few weeks ago. This idea of sharing knowledge. Being a part of an industry that is full of a […]

Content is king.

How many times do we hear that in the marketing world? I was talking to a co-worker who dropped it causally. I was asked to speak on a panel with “content is king”(which I won’t be able to participate in due to work travel) as the title and every article seems to reference it lately. […]

New Job, Same Great View!

As some of you know I was looking for a new position. I was struggling in my role with feeling sort of bored. I wanted more out of my day to day. I wanted to use more of my brain on a daily basis. It’s not that I think I learned all that there is […]