2017 for Social : The Year of All the Updates!

I don’t know about you but my 2017 was pretty rough, for reasons far and wide but when it comes to the social media strategist in me, 2017 ROCKED! So many awesome updates and changes to my favorite platforms. Too many to even count but I wanted to highlight some of my favorite updates as well as some of the most important.


Facebook 2017:

1- Stories for Pages

2- Pages Allowed to Use VIDEOS for Their Cover Photos

3- Facebook Polls

4- New Metrics for Pages and Ad Insights – ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER, GIVE ME A HELL YAHHH!


Twitter 2017:

1- Video Count Views

2- 280 Character Count!

3- Happening Now Tab — Let’s get the news rolling!

4- Explore Tab


Instagram 2017:

1- Photo Albums (Multiple Images and Video Posts)

2- Hashtag Following

3- Saved Posts/Collections

4- Shopify Integration – This is HUGE! All the retail brands are hyped!


LinkedIn 2017:

1- Native Videos – You’ve noticed because people in your feed are already abusing it!

2- Desktop Redesign

3- Career Advice Feature


There you have it folks. Some of my favorite updates to social media platforms.

Party on. Ambushed.


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