Video: Social in 2017

It’s no secret that video has been on the verge of taking over social throughout 2016 but 2017 is where it’s all going to come to a head. Whether it’s native Facebook videos, Instagram Stories or Snapchat, video marketing is about to change dramatically.

Here’s why/how:

Snapchat Spectacles: These are already released to the public in a few pop up areas but in 2017, they are going to be more readily available. I’ve read a bunch of reviews on the spectacles and overall the consensus is that they are giving you back your hands. You are still able to share content but no longer are bound by holding your phone/device. It’s wearable video equipment. I can only imagine what comes after this sort of tech.

Instagram Stories: Instagram grew to be apart of the game in mid 2016 by updating the video length and capabilities for instream videos but they are really stepping up to MATCH the competitors by adding these features. I’m not a huge fan of Instagram stories personally but for businesses, I think it’s an easy way to humanize your brand with quick, easy, relatable content.

Instagram Live: Seems to be going over well already. They launched this across the channel this week. I’ve only seen a few brands using it. Anyone have a brand who is utilizing this update?

So what’s next? More video capabilities across channels. While Vine couldn’t survive 2016, I’m confident that Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat will be changing the way video content works, is used and is viewed. No doubt about that. Is anyone else stoked about this?


Party on. Ambushed.



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