My First Business Trip

So I’m 28 years old now and last week was my first business trip. Getting prepared for it was interesting to say the least. We traveled to New Orleans for a client convention for about a week. I’ve been to New Orleans a few times but I knew that it would be so different from the trips I’ve had with friends. Obviously traveling with your BFFs verse your co workers is different but then tacking on workshops and meet & greets. Just a whole different world.

The thing I was most nervous about was that what exactly to wear. If you know anything about my office – we are really causal. Jeans, hoodies and running shoes are totally acceptable or in my case – leggings and Docs. I wanted to be comfortable but also presentable. I ended up having to go shopping for a few new things but ended up with 4 black dresses, heels and flats. Nothing too fancy but still my style. Turns out we were a bit overdressed at times but better to dress up and show up. Right?

The other thing that was a bit confusing/stressful – MY EXPENSE REPORT! Wow. I’ve never claimed to be an excel expert. I know a thing or two but going through that report definitely knocked me down a few. Remembering to get receipts is harder than I thought it would be. I ended up having to call my hotel and ask them to email it over. I just checked out and walked out… Oops!

Overall, I loved working outside of the office and getting to meet some of my clients face to face. It was a really cool opportunity. New Orleans is a beautiful city. Full of hospitality and kindness. Beautiful. I have to get back again soon.


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