New Job, Same Great View!

As some of you know I was looking for a new position. I was struggling in my role with feeling sort of bored. I wanted more out of my day to day. I wanted to use more of my brain on a daily basis. It’s not that I think I learned all that there is to learn in local search, but with my actual clients, my knowledge tabled off. I couldn’t learn anything new that I could apply to them or that they would actually work on with me. That’s just the nature of how I am. I loved my job for a long time but wanted a few other things out of my job. I wanted some leadership, some ownership and new tactics to explore. I also wanted a mentor, a new boss I could learn from.

I set out on my job search journey sort of scatter brained. I applied, interviewed and received job offers from Account Manager, Social Media Manager, Digital Strategist and Community Manager. Really all over the place. I spent a lot of time and tears trying to figure out what to do next. Hustling so hard and really pushing myself to have the awkward conversations and making sure that I was out in the digital marketing world. Networking became my favorite part of my week. Through all the networking I’ve met some really awesome industry peers and got to really nerd out about digital strategy. Meanwhile, I was really scared to leave that company I worked for. I feel like I’ve grown up with this company and it means so much to me. I wanted to invest more into this company that I had. Through a series of conversations and two different dream job offers, I am at the Shipyard (still) and am the Manager of Content and Social Media Strategy. Which is a huge change for me in the best way. I am working on team planning, social media strategy for a few corporate clients, content strategy/writing and some influencer marketing. I’m so excited for this new role. It’s going to be a great fit for me. With that being said, I’ll still be posting some thoughts about digital marketing trends but you will see more about social media and content strategy now.

Shout out to The Shipyard—Wow, I love the SHIPYARD CREW! I’ve been at The Shipyard for 2 years now and have been through a lot here. Went through a lot of career searching and building while on this team. It’s had its ups and downs. I am grateful to this company for teaching me daily, growing my passion in digital marketing and teaching me that I am a leader. I have a solid support system that trusts in my knowledge and knows my strengths. That’s something that is irreplaceable. Having strong industry leaders as mentors in my day-to-day job is something I will never take for granted. Now it’s time to get my new business cards and keep on networking and learning.

Do me a favor, love what you do. Hustle to get what you want and become who you are.

Party on. Ambushed.



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