Noticing Facebook Reactions not utilized on your feed?

In an era where being active on social media is second nature, why haven’t Facebook reactions really taken off? We are adaptors (even early adaptors) but only if we buy into whatever it is. Whether it’s an new application or new company, we need to know why we should be using it.

So what’s happening with Facebook Reactions? Scrolling through my feed the only people who seem to be using anything other than the like are other social media managers, digital marketers or people in the tech/application development world. Why is it that?

I have a few thoughts:

1- The status updates we are used to posting don’t merit anything but a like. We aren’t used to posting about sad things going on or things that we are angry about.

2- They aren’t exactly user friendly to get to. You have to hoover the like icon for about 5 seconds before the other reactions pop up. In this day and age, make it available without work and we’ll use it. If it’s easy to navigate or just right in front of our faces, we’ll engage.

I’ll continue to use the LOVE reaction but that’s really the only one I’ve found applicable. Some times I’ll use the others for some brand engagement but I’m honestly not sure if Facebook Reactions will stand the test of time or not. I’m skeptical.


Party on. Ambushed.


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