We’ve gone silent.

And I don’t think it’s a bad thing. This week I read an article from Digiday about the silence in agencies these days. I work in an agency that has an open floor plan and white noise in the background. This was set up to instill collaboration but have we as “millennials” spun it into a hiding place? Some people take this stance. I however do not. Often times at my desk when I am trying to get work done the only way it’s obvious I’m too busy is if I have headphones in. That says, “Don’t talk to me, message me and I’ll take the headphones off if needed.”For me that how it works and most other people on my team operate that way. We all work well with music as the background noise and not silence. Silence is sort of distracting for me. It’s not that I’m afraid of it or anything but it does allow for my mind or eyes to wander from my work. When you have 30 people in the corner of the room all in and out of phone calls and meetings, it’s hard to focus without the music. But some people who ask, ‘what’s happened to the collaboration?’

My answer to that is simple: we still collaborate through other outlets. My agency started using Slack and it’s been a huge help to the way we conduct business. When someone on my team needs help with something, they reach out via slack and then we connect over messagers or get up and talk it out if needed. The way we communicate is through texting, social media and really any digital source. That’s just how it is. Collaboration can still be built that way. It may be quieter in the office but we still work together. So I say, let it be quiet when it’s quiet.

Party on. Ambushed.

Article: http://digiday.com/agencies/take-off-headphones-agency-offices-go-eerily-quiet/


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