“Knowledge is power.”

What a cliche. Something you’ve heard your whole life!

Well I love it and I think i’m going to add this to my list of mantras. It will join docket with others including:

-Hustle Hard Girl!

-F* competition, build community. (Thanks Creative Babes)

-Enjoy the little things!

-Fear lives only in your head!

But in all seriousness, something I’m focusing on lately is empowerment whether that is in my personal life or professional life. I am working on finding outlets to explore knowledge and collaborate more and it’s making a world of difference in my life. It’s amazing how creativity grows when you are in a collaborative environment.

When I talk about spaces to grow in my knowledge, lately i’ve been charging myself with the challenge of stepping outside of my comfort zone and attend one networking event a month whether it’s related to Art, Design or Strategy. This is something that makes me a bit anxious but it’s so empowering to be around people who share your passion and can teach you something new about a disciple.

Something that I challenge you to do: Attend something new, Read a different blog than normal, Seek out industry experts and ask them for help, Make new business cards and get yourself out there because knowledge is power and knowledge can’t be taken for you.


Part on. Ambushed.



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