Instagram chaos

This week everyone has been flipping out about the changes to Instagram. Really though, let’s all calm down and think about it rationally. Things aren’t that crazy and also you should be used to the new algorithm by now because you have it on most other social platforms.

The biggest change is that it won’t be purely chronological. Now Instagram will show more important or popular posts. These will be mixed in with the chronological. The biggest take away for this as a user should be: Look at the profiles you are interested in seeing more often. Like and engage in the pages you want to keep seeing.

Something that’s positive that’s happening: Video Length! They grew the time limit to 60 seconds. You can pretty much recording half a song, speak a whole rant start to finish or practice your monologue.  This rocks!

Instagram also took some pointers from Snapchat and Vine (RIP VINE) by integrating multi-clip videos.  You will be able to clip together several videos to post one complete video. So basically, you can skip an editing app because it’s all in house with Instagram. This feature is going to do alot for the creative community and marketers. So excited to see the crazy things that come from this feature.

Now let’s talk about the real chaos: Notifications. 

Do you really want a pop up every time that brand posts anything? Maybe you do but use it wisely. From a business perspective: Is your content going to be worthy of a notification every time? Are you posting quality over quantity? Think about how the engagement on your page is going to be affected before you ask people to turn the notifications on. Losing followers is a definite possibility. Tread lightly.


Moral of this story: Marketers should treat Instagram like Facebook. Users should engage in pages they want to see more of organically.


Party on. Ambushed.



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