A piece of Google’s core algorithm includes “Sitelinks”. That is the algorithm that’s responsible for pulling up the most visited pages on a site or most valuable and then Google adds them below your listings, much like below.

Lacquer Gallery

Your business can have anywhere between 0 – 8* site links on the Google search page. Your site must have domain authority in order for Google to even show Sitelinks for you. Domain Authority is a whole other topic for a different day.

Some things to know about Sitelinks: Google determines these links for you. This algorithm is not very transparent about how they determine your links however there are things that you can do to insure that the links that pull as your sitelinks are quality or pages you desire to be pulled.

  • Make sure that your site navigation is clear so that web crawlers can get through it easily. Having top level products or services is ideal for the navigation of a web crawler.
  • Make sure your site has a sitemap! (sitemap.xml is an easy go to)
  • Confirm that your URL has unique meta descriptions and custom title tags. This is going to be part of the basics when it comes to SEO but it’s helpful for Sitelinks to know exactly what differentiates one page on the domain verse another.
  • Insure you have valuable, quality content on those pages. The content on your page should correspond with title tag and should be rich in keywords and unique content.
  • Make sure the pages you desire to have show up (remember we can’t choose for Google but we can optimize to help) have the correct information for that user and they don’t need to jump through hoops. Making sure you have the title tag, quality content and call to action all on the same page correct is going to be ideal.
  • Clean up crawl errors in webmaster tools.


Reasons why sitelinks are important:

  • You brand reputation and strategy are working to get more click throughs on your site.
  • Increases trust because that Domain Authority is there.
  • Helps you gain more control on the search results page by taking up more visual space on the page. (Covers more SERP space)
  • Shortens the conversion funnel meaning that user can get directly to the page they desired instead of looking through site navigation.


As I mentioned, you can’t choose what is pulled for your site links however you can demote links in hopes that Google will take your ideas into consideration. Demoting site links happens in Webmaster Tools. Under the Search Appearance section. Things to keep in mind about demoting links:

  • You can demote up to 100 links on a domain
  • Your demotions only stay effective for 90 days from your most recent view to the Sitelinks page.

Party on. Ambushed.




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