Sam Bush.

I bet you are wondering who I am and what i do. Yeah, I thought so. Here it goes:

I’m SamBush and I’m a digital marketing strategist/analyst at The Shipyard based out of Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been working here going on 2 years. I love my job and the company I work for. Some of my daily job tasks include; managing and maintaining client websites, site edits, SEO, listing and directories, email and social media strategy as well as analytics/reporting. I also do creative services for our team meaning I design QRCs for our line of business as well as social cards for posts. In my spare time at work you’ll find me researching algorithm changes, new tactics and social media updates. The best part about my job is the knowledge side. I can really research everyday and learn something new. Another thing I do and love is reporting. I use google analytics to track engagement and user flow. I also use google trends and google webmasters in my everyday work life.

Outside of work I love live music, art shows, quality design, trying new restaurants and kayaking. I am huge fan of traveling and always looking for travel buddies. I have some of the best friends a girl could want. I’m a girl who loves makeup, lipstick, heels and dancing but I also love watching hockey and drinking miller lite. It depends on the day and the crowd. To destress I listen to EDM music and tune the world out and I’m not too sure what that says about me. To relax I take a glass of chianti into the bath tub with me. Journaling is another way I relax or talking with friends.

This blog will be all about my thoughts of trends in SEO/SEM and how to explain it at a level my clients understand. It will also be about my journey in my career over time. Stay tuned for more posts to come.

I’m a ESTJ and proud of it.


Party on. Ambushed.


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