Panda is part of the CORE!

As of January Google has decided to integrate Panda into the core algorithm. We can say goodbye to the updates that have been happening for years instead it’s going to always be running. The Panda update is one of googles anti-spam updates so having that integrated into the core is going to be so helpful when we talk about ranking.

How does this affect my website? When talking to some of my clients I like to come at it from a content side. The panda update basically means that more content/ fresh content is going to help with ranking while this update happens. Now that it’s part of the core content updates are the most important thing to do in order to work with the algorithm change. When I say content is most important, let me explain:

  • Low Quality content will be penalized.
  • Duplicated content will have a penalty.
  • Unique content needs to be updated on your website/social media and all around digital brand.
  • Fresh content more often.

One thing that is still not clear… Is this running in real time continually? That seems to be unclear still at this point.


Here are some articles if you’d like some further research:

Party on. Ambushed.


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